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PACENation releases consumer protection policies




These policies provide the strongest protections for homeowners using PACE to invest in clean energy and water efficiency upgrades to their properties.



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This is PACENation. Our anthem video debuted at #PACENationSummit2016.



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Featured project: $8.4 million office building retrofit in Hartford, CT

The project is the largest PACE financing to date.

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Simple Idea that Adds Value




PACE or Property Assessed Clean Energy is a simple and effective way to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation upgrades to almost any property type.

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PACE Success Stories

Both prominent commercial real estate owners and main street small business owners recognize the benefits of PACE financing. Our library of success stories demonstrates that PACE is a truly versatile financing tool.


Residential and Commercial PACE Market Growth

Home Upgrades

  • Energy efficiency 67%
  • Renewable Energy 19%
  • Mixed 14%


Jobs Created

Commercial Buildings

  • Energy efficiency 46%
  • Renewable Energy 45%
  • Mixed 9%


Jobs Created

All aggregate data is provided to PACENow by PACE programs and not independently verified. For more details, please visit PACE DATA  page.

Residential PACE

PACE may prove to be the most effective way to pay for energy improvements for homes. Available now throughout California, PACE is saving money for homeowners, creating jobs, and helping local governments achieve important environmental goals.

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Commercial PACE

Momentum is building across the U.S. for commercial PACE programs that drive energy efficiency, renewable energy, and in some cases, water conservation measures.

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Featured PACE Projects

Hospitality Sector

A $6.8 million PACE bond financed the energy efficiency component of a full scale renovation of the dusitD2 constance pasadena hotel in downtown Pasadena, CA. The project created local jobs and benefited the economy.

  •  PACE Project Size: $6.8 million
  • Energy Savings: >200,00 kWh annually
  • Term: 20 years

Residential Sector

Duane and Mary Baker took advantage of PACE financing through the HERO Program to upgrade their home in Temecula, CA. This project resulted in monthly savings for the Bakers, who now can control the temperature in the house using their smartphones.

  • Electric bill went from $700 to $1.77 a month

Agricultural Sector

Sonoma County Energy Independence PACE Program empowered a local winery owner in Santa Rosa to install solar panels on the winery’s roof with no upfront costs.

  • PACE Project Size: $65,000
  • Energy Generation: 14,00 kWh annually
  • Term: 20 years

Industrial Sector

The industrial building, located in Chico, CA, constructed in 2009, choose to use Figtree PACE financing to pay for renewable energy upgrade and reduce utility costs.

  •  PACE Assessment: $265,458
  • System Installed: 77.74 kW Solar PV
  • Term: 20 years

PACENation is an association of people and organizations who are joined in their support for PACE financing. Members may have different individual goals, but they share a desire to create energy and resource efficient communities. It is free to join!

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