The San BernardinoAssociation of Governments (SANBAG) Board of Directors has voted to make the HERO Financing Program available to residents and businesses of San Bernardino County.  More than 6,000 homeowners have already been approved for HERO financing in nearby communities and they have seen a significant economic impact from the program in the form of jobs, reducedcarbon emissions, energy savings, and the promise of increased property values.

The HERO Program enables property owners to install upgrades that save resources and lowerutility bills while stimulating demand for local construction services.  The program is designed, in part, to help municipalities reach state-mandated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.  Homeowners and businesses will be able to finance home energy and water efficiency upgrades, including installing solar panels, efficient windows and doors, and efficient heating and cooling systems, through the HERO Program. Read more.



PACENation is an association of people and organizations who are joined in their support for PACE financing. Members may have different individual goals, but they share a desire to create energy and resource efficient communities. It is free to join!

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