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List of all PACE enabling statutes by state



Currently, 32 states, plus DC authorize PACE. PACE-enabling legislation has been adopted by 31 states (Hawaii had existing authority).  Some states have several PACE bills for various reasons: (1) states have amended PACE bills, (2) several bills were passed over time clarifying various aspects of PACE structure, (3) there is mentioning of PACE in more than one bill.

StateLegislationYearPACE status
Rhode Island**H5900 CHAPTER 39-26.52015Commercial and Residential
Vermont*24 V.S.A. § 3251 et seq.2009Residential
District of ColumbiaEnergy Efficiency Financing Amendment Act of 20122012Commercial
District of ColumbiaDC Code § 8-1778.012010Commercial
WyomingH 01792011Commercial
WisconsinAct 272 / SB 6422010Commercial
WisconsinAct 138 / SB 4252011Commercial
VirginiaCh. 7732009Commercial
VirginiaCh 9, sec 15.2-958.32010Commercial
VirginiaCh. 3892015Commercial
UtahSB 2212013Commercial
TexasSB 3852013Commercial
TexasHB 31872015Commercial and Residential
OregonHB 40412014Commercial
OregonSB 852015Commercial
Oklahoma*SB 6682009Commercial and Residential
Oklahoma*SB 1022011Commercial and Residential
OhioSB 2322010Commercial and Residential
OhioCh. 717.252010Commercial
OhioCh. 17102010Commercial
North CarolinaN.C. Gen. Stat. § 160A-239.1, et seq.2008Commercial and Residential
North CarolinaN.C. Gen. Stat. § 153A-210.1, et seq.2008Commercial and Residential
North CarolinaSB 2842015Commercial
New YorkArticle 5-L2012Commercial
New YorkAB 88622009Residential
New MexicoSB 06472009Commercial
New MexicoHB 05722009Commercial
New JerseyCh 187 / S.B. 14062012Commercial and Residential
New Hampshire*Statutes § 53-F2010Commercial
New Hampshire*HB 205 / Ch. 1212015Commercial
NevadaNRS Sec. 271Commercial
NevadaSB 3582009Commercial
MissouriCh. 67.2800-67.2835 / H.B. 16922010Commercial and Residential
MinnesotaHF 37292010Commercial
MinnesotaHF 26952010Commercial
MichiganAct 2702010Commercial
MichiganHB 56402010Commercial
MassachusettsCh. 44, § 53E 3/4Commercial
MassachusettsCh. 188 / HB 48772010Commercial
MarylandSB 186 / Ch. 4722014Commercial
MarylandHB 15672009Commercial
LouisianaSB 2242009Commercial
LouisianaHB 973 / Act No. 6112010Commercial
IllinoisAct 096-04812010Commercial
KentuckyHB 1002015Commercial
HawaiiHRS § 46-80 et seq.Commercial and Residential
GeorgiaHB 13882010Commercial and Residential
FloridaTitle XI, Chapter 1632011Commercial and Residential
FloridaCS/HB 71792010Commercial and Residential
ConnecticutHB 6991 / Act no. 15-212015Commercial
ConnecticutSB 5012012Commercial
ConnecticutSB 12432011
ColoradoHB 14-12222014
ColoradoSB 13-2122013Commercial
ColoradoHB 10-13282010Commercial
ColoradoSB 10-1002010Commercial
CaliforniaSB 772010Commercial and Residential
CaliforniaAB 2792009Commercial and Residential
CaliforniaSB 5552011Commercial and Residential
CaliforniaAB 4742009Commercial and Residential
CaliforniaAB 8112007Commercial and Residential
ArkansasSB 640 / Act 10742013Commercial
AlabamaSB 220 / Act No. 2015-4942015Commercial
StateLegislationYearPACE status

*Subordinate-lien legislation.

**Rhode Island has instituted subordinate-lien residential and senior-lien commercial PACE.