List of all PACE enabling statutes by state

Currently, 29 states, plus DC authorize PACE. PACE-enabling legislation has been adopted by 28 states (Hawaii had existing authority). PACE enabling bills are listed in a chronological order. Some states have several PACE bills for various reasons: (1) states have amended PACE bills, (2) several bills were passed over time clarifying various aspects of PACE structure, (3) there is mentioning of PACE in more than one bill.

Alabama: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (SB 220)

Arkansas: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (SB640)

California: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (AB 811); (AB 474); (SB 279) (SB 555) (SB77)

Colorado: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (HB 08-1350) (SB 100) (HB1328) (SB 13-121)

Connecticut: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (SB1243) (SB 501)

Florida: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (CS/HB 7179) (Statues 2011, Title XI, Chapter 163)

Georgia: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (HB1388)

Hawaii: Pre-existing Authority (HRS § 46-80 et seq)

Kentucky: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (HB 100)

Illinois: Statewide PACE  Enabling Legislation (SB 583)

Louisiana: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (SB 224) (HB 973)

Maryland: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (Ch. 472)

Massachusetts: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation, Section53E 3/4 (HB 4877)

Michigan: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (HB5640) (Act 270)

Minnesota: Statewide PACE  Enabling Legislation (HF 2695) (HF 3929)

Missouri: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (Ch 640) (Ch. 67)

Nevada: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation  (SB 358) (NRS 271)

New Hampshire: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (HB 1554) (HB 144)

New Jersey: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (SB 1406) (Act 1958)

New Mexico: Statewide PACE  Enabling Legislation (HB 572) (SB 647)

New York:  Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (Law Article 5-L, § 119-ee et seq) (AB 8862)

North Carolina: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation  (SB 97) (HB 1389) (Ch. 153A) (Ch. 160A)

Ohio: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (Ch. 1710) (Ch. 717.25) (SB 232)

Oklahoma: Statewide PACE  Enabling Legislation (SB 668) (SB 102)

Oregon: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (SB2626)

Texas: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation  (HB 1391)  (Sec. 376.001) (S.B.385)

Utah: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (S.B 221)

Virginia: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (SB 1212) (SB 110) (Ch. 15.2 – 958.3)

Wisconsin: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation  (SB 425) (SB 642)

Wyoming: Statewide PACE Enabling Legislation (HB 0179)

District of Columbia (D.C. Code § 8‐1778.01) (DC Code § 47‐895.31)  (Sustainable DC Act amending DC Code § 8‐1778.01)

Legislative Checklist

We developed a legislative checklist that identifies major components of any PACE bill.

Legislation Protocol

View our legislation protocol to learn how we engage with PACE legislative processes across the U.S.