Legislation Protocol

View our legislation protocol to learn how we engage with PACE legislative processes across the U.S.

Legislative Checklist

We developed a legislative checklist that identifies major components of any PACE bill.

List of all PACE enabling statutes by state



Currently, 32 states, plus DC authorize PACE. PACE-enabling legislation has been adopted by 31 states (Hawaii had existing authority).  Some states have several PACE bills for various reasons: (1) states have amended PACE bills, (2) several bills were passed over time clarifying various aspects of PACE structure, (3) there is mentioning of PACE in more than one bill.

StateLegislationYearPACE status
StateLegislationYearPACE status

*Subordinate-lien legislation.

**Rhode Island has instituted subordinate-lien residential and senior-lien commercial PACE.